Horses4Heroes is competing to win $25,000 in the American Horse Council’s 100-Day Challenge.

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OPERATION FREE RIDE is a program created to give active duty military personnel, returning combat veterans, wounded warriors and their families the opportunity to ride a horse for free! We want them to ride a horse or experience the special bond and friendship of horses!

If this is you, REGISTER HERE for your free ride. We have participating facilities from coast to coast in US and Canada… and we are growing everyday! View map of participating facilities.

“There’s nothing … no bad day, no hurt feelings, no broken heart, that a ride on your horse can’t cure. When riding, there’s no one in the world except you and your horse. Treasure the time spent in the saddle; it is the one precious place where all the world is right. There is no hate, no crime, no pain, no war, no death. It is the one time when you are completely free. Cherish that time and hope that feeling last forever.” ~ Unknown

Reserve your place with Horses4Heroes’ Operation Free Ride Today! Horses4Heroes’ Operation Free Ride supports our community heroes. Learn more about Horses4Heroes and other programs we offer on our website.

Have a facility and want to signup online to join our nationwide network? Or want to learn more? Give us a call at (888)-9US-HERO.


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